Asolo. The city of a hundred horizons.

The Asolo hills are a series of gently undulating slopes dotted with vineyards and olive groves surrounding the city itself. Described by Giosuè Carducci as the “city of a hundred horizons”, Asolo has one of the most remarkable and beautiful old city centres in Italy.

Embraced by ancient walls that branch out from the Rocca, the twelfth-century fortress, every part of this town is testimony to its millenary history. Its great appeal attracted poets and writers, artists and travellers, who here found inspiration and harmony.

Among these, the English poet Robert Browning, the “Divine” stage actress Eleonora Duse, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero, the English writer and traveller Freya Stark.

Since the year 1000 A.D., Benedictine monks have here spread the culture of vine-growing and wine-making, which subsequently flourished with the Venetian Republic.

In these hills, where excellence is an everyday affair, the Consortium of Montello-Colli Asolani wines was set up to protect designation of origin marking. This aims to give the wines the recognition they deserve and promote the local area, in close collaboration with other protection consortia.

Thanks to the increasing commitment, attention and awareness of producers, recent years have seen creation of the prestigious DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) for Asolo Prosecco.