About us

About us

The Tenuta Amadio estate embodies an ancient yet modern spirit, the result of the love and commitment of the various generations of the Rech family for these hills.

The estate’s origins date back to 1850, when the head of the family Amadio Rech came into possession of this terrain in the Castelli di Monfumo hills and began to grow grapes and the famous autochthonous apples.

After being a source of income and support for all the family for many years, the estate was abandoned. It has now been recuperated and brought back to life thanks to the passion and will of Simone and Silvia, the new generation of the Rech family. They wanted to revive the vine-growing and wine-making vocation of this area and repopulate the estate’s vineyards.

“We have made this our mission: looking after the product from soil to bottle, passionately following each stage in production with methodical discipline.”

Simone and Silvia Rech.